Earth Medicine CBD + support terpenes vape cartridge


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For the traffic at 5:00pm...

Imagine coming home to discover the bills are paid, the beds are made, and your least favorite boss will be gone for a whole month.

A lungful of Balance is kind of like that.

3rd Party Testing
Made in the USA
Natural Hemp
0% THC
Broad Spectrum
Gluten Free

Stress, relaxation, immunity, body support & sleep

Meet the dream team

Our goal here was clear. A vapable CBD with simple, clean ingredients to produce an experience so good non-vapers would love it too.

No one likes stress. So we invented its archnemesis.

The Jupiter is quite simply the best device we could find. Descreet & durable, with a charge that lasts one week.

Our magic recipe

CBD hemp extract = the calm
Cannabinoids + terpenes = the lift
Food-grade carrier oil = the smoothness

  • Robust Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • 0.5ml cartomizer (cartridge)
  • Sour Diesel terpenes

Three vegan ingredients: : Broad-Spectrum CBD, Sour Diesel Terpenes & Food-grade Temper Tec Oil

How to use

Thread the cartridge into your smokeless device. Inhale, hold for 5-10 seconds & exhale slowly.

Use and repeat as needed*.

If you’re not using our device, set your device to no higher than 9W or 3.5V. If any breathing difficulty occurs discontinue use & consult your health-care professional.

Want to learn more?

Read on

The power of lungs

The lungs are a powerful paths of absorption, which is why clean, simple ingredients are so important.

There’s a reason our vape is so loved by people who would never consider themselves vapers or smokers.

1-3 puffs when you need it is all it takes.

Your Endocannabanoid system (ECS)

Cannabinoids are important. These critical neurotransmitters are used to keep your body balanced.

Their network of receptor sites stretch across your brain, organs, cells & immune system.

Stress, age & poor health can put them out of order.

But don't worry...

There's power in plants

Plant cannabinoids from hemp are so similar to these neurotransmitters that your Endocannabinoid System reacts to them.

A properly functioning ECS could help to regulate:

Stress, energy, pain sensation, inflammatory support, immune response, sleep, calm & digestion.

Basically, your ECS is a showoff.

The Earth Medicine difference

We formulate our recipes to support the bio-chemistry of your ECS. What's the point of taking something If your body wastes it?

There's a reason our products are the choice of athletes & grandmas alike.

Make it a part of your routine & get back to doing what you love.

30-Day Quality of life guarantee

If our products don't improve your quality of life,
we'll refund you no questions asked.

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    Balance Sour Diesel CBD vape cartridge

    Posted by Chris Harbin on 24th Dec 2019

    Easy to inhale with smooth and mellow taste - providing feelings of wellness, calm, and balance.

  • 5
    This is the first…

    Posted by Anonymous on 13th Jun 2019

    This is the first smokable CBD that's actually worked for me. I feel calm but focused. I've struggled for a long time and get nervous easily. This will become a daily part of my self-improvement program. Thanks for this! It's a godsend :-)

  • 5
    Helped me relax

    Posted by Anonymous on 18th May 2019

    Had an opportunity to try the product today. One hit and I felt extremely relaxed. Was a wonderful way to enjoy the relaxation of my friend’s wedding.

  • 5

    Posted by Anonymous on 17th May 2019


  • 5

    Posted by Robie Sanders on 17th May 2019


  • 5
    Love all the products…

    Posted by Jim Nolan on 6th Jan 2019

    Love all the products! Keep up the good work.